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About the Programme

The Asia Plateau Internship Programme (APIP) is a five-month IofC programme to equip young people to address personal, inter-personal and societal issues. Started in 2005, APIP has become one of IofC’s most sought after programmes. This programme is designed for energetic, self-starting young adults, who are ready to engage deeply with the core ideas of IofC – to change oneself and bring integrity and positive change in society. The programme is held at Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change (formerly MRA) Centre, located in the hills of Panchgani, Maharashtra, 100 km from Pune.

Interns are taken in two batches in a year:

  • 1 September to 31 January
  • 1 February to 30 June

For each intake, applications should come in at least 6 weeks before the starting date.

‘Asia Plateau’ has a wide range of regular focused programmes for senior Government Officers, business leaders, educators, university students, youth, families, army personnel and so on. The interns get a chance to interact with the participants from all these varied backgrounds and learn from the programme facilitators as they support the practical running of these programmes. Dedicated sessions introduce interns to Indian culture and traditions as also to the countries of participating interns, along with an understanding of current affairs and world events. Most importantly they learn to imbibe the practices of inner listening, changing oneself, engaging others in bringing positive change in society which are at the heart of IofC.

This is a hands-on programme with emphasis on learning and growing through voluntary service, leadership and initiative. The program includes:

1. Learning through attendance at seminars, workshops, conferences and other programmes of the Centre which provide unique opportunities to hear experts on various subjects and to meet, mingle and have interactions with some eminent and accomplished facilitators and participants coming from varied backgrounds, professions and locations.

2. Interactive Sessions with opportunities for learning from other countries and cultures. Interns will be expected to make presentations about their respective countries. Living in a multi-faith, multi-cultural community provides a rich experience in life skills, relationship-building and team-work.

3. Leading and Organizing participants of all levels in the practical running of the Centre’s activities and at group meetings.

4. Dedicated Sessions for personal empowerment through effective living and leadership as encouraged by IofC, allow one to examine one’s own life and living, study the forces that can build a sound society as well as understand the relationship between the individual and the state of the world.

Apart from Asia Plateau programmes, ‘Grampari’, IofC’s Rural and Ecology Centre, provides opportunities to work with and learn from village leaders and others from rural India. There may be village visits and activities conducted by Grampari. 






The pre-requisites for the participants are as follows:

  1. Graduate (Preferable but not essential).
  2. Knowledge of spoken and written English.
  3. Should be a responsible and reliable self-starter and a cheerful team player. A commitment to live by the Community Guidelines of Asia Plateau, respect for authority and maintenance of discipline are essential.
  4. Acceptance of IofC’s standards of Unconditional Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love as values to live by and endeavoring to make a sincere effort to live a life of care and service.
  5. Should be physically fit, in good health with ability for hard work and service.
  6. Age: Between 21 and 35 years.

Spoken Hindi/Marathi, and musical, acting and other talents will be an added advantage.

This programme is open to all genders irrespective of culture, religion or background.

Those meeting the above criteria and keen to join, may fill up the application form online on the link provided below.

Applications should be filled at least six weeks before the starting date of that Internship.

There may be a skype/telephone interview before final selection.  Successful candidates will be informed through email.  

Cost of travel to Asia Plateau and back, incidental and personal expenditure and any other personal travel is to be borne by the candidates. Selected candidates should also take their health insurance covering their entire stay in India.  

There is no fee for the APIP, food and accommodation as well as any domestic travel expenses in connection with the programme will be borne by IofC, for the duration of the programme. However the centre will be happy to accept any donations/contributions you might wish to make.


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