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‘It grew out of a concern for the climate and times we live in,’ says Upper School Head Todd Huebsch.

WW II Pilot Jim Coulter

‘What has making your bed got to do with surviving plane crashes and meeting prime ministers? Jim Coulter tells Mike Lowe.

Blue Winged Kookaburra

We were encouraged to pick up and admire spiders and all manner of other creatures and wonder at their diversity rather than scream and stamp on them. How many kids get a similar opportunity today?

Candles in Orthodox Church

Easter in Russia introduces Mary Lean to the resilience of faith and the power of grandmothers.

Cover of book by Sushobha Barve

Zainab Bawa draws insights from a new Indian book on dialogue and reconciliation between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

Laurence Cockcroft

‘It is much harder for a senior politician to be corrupt in front of the public’, Laurence Cockcroft said. ‘But on an individual level it depends on how far people take on initiatives to change it.’

Frank Field

FRANK FIELD has been the MP for Birkenhead for 25 years. The visit of a group of pensioners to his surgery some eight years ago ‘is indelibly etched on my memory’, he writes. ‘Nothing had prepared me for the description of what they were enduring...

Paul Williams

I realized anew that in the walk of faith we often have to live with conflicting—or perhaps competing—truths.

Philippe Lasserre

The state does not interfere as long as law and order do not come under threat. However, this tends to create a situation where ‘communityism’ reigns, and ghettos can develop.

Nigel Heywood

At times it was hard to see what difference individuals could make in a country of one billion people, with all its pollution, corruption and poverty. The stories of the people we met did something to challenge this sense of helplessness.