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Sunrise over Fiji

MY FRIENDS smother a chuckle when I tell them I’m sure God is a golfer.

Map Solomon Islands

FEW CONFERENCES hear from a businessman who has paid back £290,000 in cheated taxes, or see victims of brutal ethnic conflict forgive each other.

A Youth Forum on Ethical Leadership saw more than 40 students from across the UK and beyond gather together at the University of London.

Nigel Heywood

Love is the drive that makes us take action for personal and social change.

'An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind', said Mahatma Gandhi.

Dick Ruffin

If America is to advance the cause of democracy world-wide, she will have to work harder at applying democratic values universally, argues Richard Ruffin.

Laura Nigro

The labyrinth invites seekers into meditative wandering within a self-contained and compact space.

The West has a thing or two to learn from Muslims who have forgiven in circumstances where many others would fail the test.

Solomons Conference 2004 report cover

An 8-page report of the Winds of Change conference which drew 300 islanders, including 30 of this conflict-torn nation's 50 MPs.

Globalization: Closing the Gaps 16-21 July 2004