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Laurence Cockcroft

One of the world’s leading campaigners against grand scale corruption stresses the role of the individual in tackling corruption.

Rural India

Bhanu Kale reflects on the challenges India faces, and the role the ordinary Indian can play in meeting them.

Cover of 2003 AfR Report

Color report of the 2003 Agenda for Reconciliation (AfR) conferences in Caux, Switzerland

Transparency International's UK chief warns that Britain is in danger of losing its new anti-corruption legislation.

A new phenomenon is transforming many organizations of work. It seems to have begun in the 1970’s, taken root in the 80’s and is growing rapidly in the 90’s and into the 21st century. I would like to call this phenomenon “a new expression of Spirit at work.”

Will 2004 see the emergence of national leadership with the courage and vision to move from acknowledgement of past wrongs to practical action for deep change?

Prison camp survivor Melville Carson is interviewed on TV

Quiet time with 'Action for Life' group Panchgani, Nov. 2003

Pilar and Ric Griffin, from Washington State, share stories from the road as they participate in the 9-month-long Action for Life program in Asia.

Cornelio Sommaruga

Cornelio Sommaruga

Cornelio Sommaruga, the President of the International Association of IofC and former President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, spoke with guests at a special luncheon in the Washington IofC office.

Is Europe’s tradition of secularism adequate to meet the challenges of highly globalised 21st century societies? We can discover better ways of living alongside different faiths and cultures which encourage and celebrate a diversity of spiritual expression.