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One of the greatest things that I treasure in my life is the opportunity to learn from my grandfather.

Excellent free utility for gathering data about your system

I have the privilege of being in the majority where I live. Enough time, respect and support must be given to those who cannot take this for granted.

Dawn Fenton explains the criteria that make a business democratic.

Open Homes discussion

Open Homes, Listening Hearts 2004: Bridging divisions with hospitality and storytelling

In a talk in London, Dr Philip Boobbyer drew some interesting parallels between the role of faith in both Soviet Russia and contemporary Britain.

The updated Agenda for Reconciliation Peacebuilding conference details are available here.

Inauguration of CENTREL

The Centre for Ethical Leadership, inaugurated in Bangalore, India, last week is the second project launched by the Asia/Pacific/Australia Group of the Caux Initiative for Business

In Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation, there may be stronger allies in the war against injustice and inhumanity than first we thought.

How to present the right data and order