Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 10:00 to Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 13:30

Happy families constitute a healthy society. The family shapes people and builds character. Society is but a reflection of its families. Any mother can tell us that cultivating care, love and compassion is natural within the family. Yet family break-ups are increasing with making each other’s life miserable. Love is the foundation, which sows the seeds of a family and keeps it together. Yet humans, who have an amazing capacity to love, sadly have the potential also for selfishness, cruelty and harshness causing a tragic break up. No wonder violence, greed and negativity are tearing apart a society, which could otherwise have peace and plenty for all. The positive process of caring and sharing has the best chance of starting inside families.  

It essential therefore, to relearn the art of loving, giving and caring. No school or college teaches the art of cultivating these qualities. Luckily, families can be the laboratories to learn by experiment and perfect them by practice. Many families from around the country and beyond who have come across Initiatives of Change (IofC) have discovered the power of an Inner Source, which can be tapped by any member of the family through the practice of quiet listening to the deepest in one’s heart. People from many occupations attend programmes at the IofC centre, Asia Plateau (AP) that are specially designed for their particular field. Large parts of these programmes address what is common to all. Many participants have returned to AP with their families to explore further, with their families, the secret of harmony within the family and a purpose beyond for the community and the country.“Happy Families” is the programme where families meet to exchange experiences to inspire one another and to hear from those with years of experience.


What happens at program?

Each morning starts with a time in the midst of nature, which is preserved in all its beauty at AP. The first morning is for experiencing the ‘Stillness’ of heart and mind. The peace and quiet helps to listen both to the nature and to turn the attention inward to what the heart wants to convey. On the subsequent mornings a look at the ‘Life’s Balance Sheet’ reveals the state of our life in relation to those with whom we have or have had anything to do.

During the rest of the day, we explore the logic and inspiration of the Inner Voice, hear the experiences of those who have listened, obeyed and seen dramatic developments and a get a chance to learn the practice. We learn the finer nuances of relationships within and outside the family, hear moving and encouraging accounts of reconciliation, and perhaps, become witness to some healings and mending. Other areas of living are also explored and many corrections take place. There will be group discussions and interactive sessions to enable the delegates to participate and exchange insights.

The most significant take away could be discovering a meaning and purpose for life itself, which can reveal a special role for the entire family in the context of the society.

It will be fun time learning through songs, skits and games indoors and outdoors.



Asia Plateau with a majestic backdrop of the famed ‘Table Land’ of Panchgani is a 68-acre campus at an altitude of 4,300 feet. The place offers an ideal ambiance for pleasant walks, quiet reflection, honest conversations and creative planning. The Centre is equipped with modern training, lodging, dining and theatre facilities.


How to reach?

Panchgani is 100 KMs from Pune and 248 KMs from Mumbai in connected by excellent drivable roads. Luxury busses also ply from both the places.


Adults: 6325/- (Inclusive of 15% ST)

Children (under 12): 4025/- (Inclusive of 15% ST)

Please avoid bringing children under 5. Since this is a program for families, it is not suitable for anyone to participate as a single individual. Participants above 65 years should be accompanied by younger couple.

Payment to be deposited to our account (kindly e-mail for details) or cheque to be drawn on “Friends of Moral Re-Armament, India”.

For any queries please feel free to contact:

Program Coordinator:

Phone No.: 02168-240241 / 2


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