Friday, July 15, 2016

Mahatma Gandhi fought for the freedom of the nation on the basis of moral and spiritual power. What we now need is freedom from hatred, greed, extremism, violence and poverty. This could be regarded as our second freedom struggle to create a society with moral and spiritual power.

Some time ago, people in India started a movement against corruption. Thousands of people joined hands to change the nation, but in vain. Many of its goals are yet to be achieved. The new India is hopeful of a better nation. People have begun to realise that change is necessary and needs to start with oneself. This will affect communities and in turn the entire nation.

It is time to start a revolution...a revolution of inner changes to remake India!


  • Change oneself, engage others, create answers and give hope for humanity.
  • To search and prepare leaders for the prosperous future of our country.
  • To conduct Padyatra in different parts of the country, starting from Jharkhand.


  • To walk though 3 major districts in Jharkhand spreading the message of IofC and inspiring future leaders to help create answers for the major issues in their areas.
  • To make these leaders morally and spiritually powerful.
  • To encourage people to create a “House of Listening” in their villages/areas, where people can seek divine guidance and introspect

Expected Outcome

  • Creating Change makers, along the path of the Padyatra.
  • Submission of reports of the issues from each village, to the Chief Minister and Governor

Duration and destination

  • August 15, 2016 to October 15, 2016.
  • Will be covering a stretch of 300 kms, starting from Saraikela then onto west Singbhum and then to east Singbhum.

Action Plan

  • Hosting 3-day conferences with the 12 Panchayats.
  • Interaction with farmers, social activists, self-help groups, religious gurus, police, shopkeepers and business people, tribal leaders, MLAs and MPs, panchayat representatives, teachers, youths, local political leaders and administration to organize a mass gathering to conclude our first Padyatra.
  • We hope it will be attended by people from all sections of society. Decision makers in our present government will also be invited.

Structure of a 3-day conference

Day 1:

  • Welcome and Introduction: When the yatra reaches a village, we will encourage the local artists from that village to inaugurate and welcome the yatra team with traditional cultural & dance/song. We would invite renowned persons from that village to introduce and address the significance of their village.
  • Discuss about the importance of villages in India.
  • Skit/Song: Related to the current situation of the country, there will be a presentation of one-minute skits and songs.
  • Inner Governance: (i) Connection (ii) Correction (iii) Direction. Tools like the ‘freedom glass’ and Quiet time will be used apart from reflecting on questions like ‘where I need to change?’ and ‘what is my higher purpose for humanity?’. Invite participants to share in family groups.
  • Tree Plantation: There will be tree plantation program to remember the people who sacrificed their lives to bring peace and prosperity in the village.
  • The day ends with a multi-faith prayer.
  • An inspirational movie will be screened.

Day 2: (start at - 6 am)

  • Soul nurture: Spending time with nature and then time to share (~ 45 mins).
  • Hamare Rishte’ (relationship session): In this session we will share about our relationships with our family and friends. Also discuss how region, religion, caste, gender, economy status creates hatred towards others and how to bring peace.
  • Quiet Time and sharing in a family groups.
  • Mending relationships by writing letters to the person.
  • Question and answer time/fellowship time.
  • Prayer: Multi-faith prayer
  • Day ends with Story sharing

Day 3: (start at - 6 am)

  • Quiet time: Look at issues at village level issues to national level issues and what is my role is on these issues. Then sharing for 45 minutes.
  • Movie screening: ‘Hiware Bazaar’, followed by discussion.
  • Identifying the problems in the village and submitting a report to the Governor and Chief Minister.
  • Dialogue with panchayat samiti and have Quiet time together.
  • Life scanning by the help of four absolute standards: PHUL - Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness and Love.
  • Identifying of a place where the villagers could assemble and take for group Quiet Time.
  • Ahuti.
  • Multi faith prayer.
  • The journey of 3 days will conclude with a song “Chaliye Na Chaliye Na”.

On the concluding day, the Change Makers will share their personal experiences, changes and their commitment towards the village and to the Country.