Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rajmohan Gandhi receives an honorary humanities doctorate at Michigan State University

Michigan State University bestowed upon Rajmohan Gandhi an honorary humanities doctorate in East Lansing, Michigan on 17 December  2016. Professor Rajmohan Gandhi works closely with Initiatives of Change and served as President from 2009-2010. He lectured as a Hannah Distinguished Visiting Professor at Michigan State University during the fall semester and was awarded during the university’s commencement ceremonies.

The award recognizes Professor Gandhi’s commitment to education, civil liberty, and peace-building. Part of the citation addressed to Professor Gandhi reads: ‘For more than half a century, you have been associated with Initiatives of Change, a group committed to trust-building, reconciliation and democracy…

‘As a scholar you have written perceptively on the Indian Independence movement and its leaders, Indo-Pakistan relations, human rights and conflict resolution. Your widely shared insights into India and South Asian history bolster democratic values and tolerance in Indian politics and help to foster peace and reconciliation between Muslim and Hindus, both within India and between India and Pakistan.’

Professor Gandhi was gracious in his acceptance. In his response to the award, he displayed gratitude for the honour and spoke of the work that lies ahead to incite positive change in the world:

As we walk into the unknown future, we do so with the knowledge that no matter where we come from, we’re all the same underneath, no matter how inadequate we may feel, each of us has a special part in the story of humanity, and that every person I run into or learn about, whether similar or different from me, also has a unique part in our future story.

Details of Professor Rajmohan Gandhi’s upcoming United Kingdom speaking tour will be announced shortly.

The Visiting Hannah Distinguished Professor position is regarded as the most prestigious faculty appointment at Michigan State University. Other noted scholars who have held the position includes Darlene Clark Hine, a leading historian of the African-American experience and Graham Beal, former director of the Detroit Institute of the Arts.