Youth Programmes

Initiatives of Change India has a very active and comitted youth team. They are driven solely by the idea of change beginning with oneself. They hold outreach programs and conferences throughout the country based on this core idea.   

The youth conference has been an annual feature at Asia Plateau for more than 15 years. Held under the theme “Let’s make a Difference”, the programme begins on June 1 and ends on June 8 every year. During this time, a few hundred young men and women from age 17 onwards descend on Asia Plateau from over 30 different cities and towns.  

The conference aims to help young people rejuvenate their spirit, look within with honesty and search for their true purpose in life. Individual introspection translates into collective vision. The vision for this young team is the country and through these trainings at Asia Plateau and around the country they aim to create benchmark citizens who will play an important role in society where their character is built on a strong foundation of values.   

The IofC India youth programme believes in setting the highest standards of punctuality, discipline, perfectionism, care, concern and love. The eight-day journey at the youth conference helps individuals to identify what they are, where they want to reach and how to get there. All this is achieved beautifully without telling anybody how to do it. Each individual gets an answer from within. The friendships and camaraderie built during the conference is the best gift one takes away. Many of the participants have been coming to the youth conferences year after year.  

Through the annual conference and the many regional outreach programs that the IofC India youth team conducts they aim to provide a ray of hope to the common man who feels helpless, vulnerable and sometimes also indifferent to the ills present in society. For additional details please visit the dedicated IofC India youth Website at

In addition to these youth programs, Asia Plateau also conducts about six to ten programmes every year specifically designed for management students who would soon be posted at executive level in India's growing economy. Conducted under the title of "Effective Living and Leadership" these programmes stress the need for a personal sense of responsibility and the importance of integrity in one's day-to-day life.

To quote Dr. Bs. Ks. Chopra, former Director of a Management Institute: 

"The management students get the best of professional training. But the education in human values is often missing. That is why I have been taking all my students to Asia Plateau for training courses, which have benefited students immensely."