Monday, May 14, 2018
Continued link between Asia Plateau and New Zealand

The links continue to strengthen between Asia Plateau and New Zealand. Following the eight New Zealanders attending the AP 50th Anniversary in January, Ajay and Ameeta Patel from Bangalore have now started to reverse the direction. Their visit to NZ this month brought an interesting development with potential to increase the flow of support between our countries.

An offer to give us a sample of some topics AP Conferences cover, was warmly accepted. Expanding our perspectives through learning more about the Heart of Effective Leadership programme was a helpful advance in our understanding.

Ajay and Ameeta's six hour workshop for a multi-cultural group of IofC friends in Wellington brought us all face to face with the fixed attitudes and prejudices which guide our daily living. It provided the tools for applying the IofC framework for living, focusing on individual change and examining our own attitudes and behaviours.

Racism emerged as one major question we could all do something about. "I need to become better informed about our colonial past and its impact, and to be constantly attentive and mindful of my attitudes and actions", wrote one participant.  

Through their presentation, the Patels gave us much to consider individually and together on how we can be more sensitive to others in our aim to make positive differences. We are very grateful for their generous help.