Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Towards a humane world

50 years of Asia Plateau
Celebrating differences, melting divisions

Asia Plateau celebrated 50 years on 20th January 2018. An International event was organised to mark this historic moment. Three hundred people from 41 countries gathered at Asia Plateau for this event. They included some who had been present at the opening in 1968, and many citizens of Panchgani, the hill town where Asia Plateau is situated. Various sharings, sessions, conversations were held during this time, some of them were:

  1. Launch of Special Cover & Stamp
  2. Towards a humane world by Neerja Chowdhury & Rajmohan Gandhi
  3. Celebrating differences, melting divisions  by Imam & the Pastor
  4. Voices from the Northeast by North East group & Rupa Chinai
  5. Asia Plateau’s beginnings by R D Mathur & David Young
  6. Grampari
  7. Development of Industrial programmes
  8. Development of Governance programmes
  9. Development of Education programmes
  10. Development of Youth programmes
  11. The future

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