Tuesday, November 14, 2017

50 years of Guidance and Hope

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the global centre “Asia Plateau”, the conference and training centre of Initiatives of Change, India. Initiatives of Change, formerly known as Moral Rearmament (MRA) inaugurated the first building on the 20th of January, 1968. To mark this occasion Asia Plateau will celebrate its 50th from the 17th to the 21st of January, 2018 with the theme 'Celebrating Differences, Melting Divisions'.

This important milestone of our 50th year will be a time of thankfulness, reflect on our success and failures, revel in the sense of community we’ve all built over five decades, and imagine our next 50 years. It has been a journey of inspiring people to build bridges of trust! Across the world, divisions, rooted in prejudice, in selfishness, in injustice, seem to be deepening. Some think of walls, whether physical or in minds and hearts, as the solution to difficult problems. Asia Plateau’s experience suggests that bridges are more effective than barriers and are built when people allow themselves to be touched by the spirit of honesty, forgiveness, compassion, and of conscience rather than convenience. You’re all a part of our past—and our future, too.

Since it's humble beginning in 1968, Asia Plateau has

  • hosted dialogues on development and on democracy, and for understanding between divided groups and communities;
  • conducted education and training in ethical leadership;
  • held conferences, workshops, and seminars for youth, educators, farmers, business representing labour and management, politicians and civil servants, the armed forces, families, artists and activists;
  • visualized a new society through song, drama and other creative expressions;
  • pioneered ecological practices of water preservation, re-forestation, and waste management.

The occasion in January 2018 is to

  • recollect and give thanks for Asia Plateau’s amazing history thus far;
  • recognise the dedication, commitment, giving and service of the many who have made this possible;
  • reflect on Asia Plateau’s role in the context of national and world concerns and challenges;
  • explore together the part each person, individually, and in cooperation with others, will play in answering these needs.

For any queries please contact : ap50@in.iofc.org

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