Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Burjis Mohta's Words:

My association with IofC-MRA and the Asia Plateau family has been as of ‘on an off’ basis since several years now, as a result of circumstances. During one such long phase of being off touch, I had severe problems with my marital life viz., separation for a good five years from my spouse and daughter since the very early years of marriage and the resulting consequences leading to my marriage on the verge of legal dissolution. When the thought of associating me once again with the Asia Plateau family got in, gentle thoughts kept creeping into my conscience and which later manifested in a greater way – where had I failed in my relationships? Especially, when I had imbibed the MRA principles to work for me so well, as well as set examples for others too, during the previous years of my life.

My inner voice then got back to my rescue – I had buried the practice of this exercise in the true sense I guessed and the link with the absolute principles of MRA, for long now. When my conscience got myself to attune back, I realised the futility and wasteful life lived by my soul during this phase. I began to empathize the way my spouse looked at where I failed in my relationship and do some introspection myself and then she too reciprocated similarly. Most of the times, we were caught up with our mind sets and pre-conceived notions of who is right and what is right, judging a person accordingly, depending on our past experiences and up-bringing.

These factors develop an egoistic personality of ‘I know it all best and right’, in the relationship. This leads to being unaccomodative, non-empathic, suspicious and having a closed approach to life like a horse’s blind. Also in a marital relationship, it is each of the partners who is individually first and then mutually responsible, for the relationship to work. Hence what could have led to a lifetime of painful and bitter memories in a seemingly complex and failed relationship, has miraculously turned out to be just the contrary, cemented and strengthened by a divine intervention.

I have got together with my spouse since the past three years and we now feel that the years we lost in bitterness has only further blossomed our love and trust in each other to be even stronger, which we would perhaps not have achieved in our lifetime. The simple soul stirring MRA essence has led my conscience to this new beginning to the extent that the sanctity and divinity of our relationship is considered as an example for others within our relation and friend circle.

Dilnaz says:

Oct 2011 – how can I forget! I was sitting with my husband after 05 years with regards to a court settlement. With so much of anger and so much to be said, so much to be conveyed to him. It was just a matter of time - initially I thought he was asking for the impossible and I could feel that these were just words, which I refused to believe. But, we both kept on talking, with our lawyers waiting patiently at the background. Soon, it was evening and when we had to part, suddenly I felt that this one moment of confrontation and communication made it so simple for me to understand him.

His confidence of making things work out between us, really made me think. I saw a different person in him – a positive, confident and a patient person with whom I immediately connected. Gone was the anger, the void, the bitterness that I felt in his absence from my life. I also realized that my love for him never let me move ahead in my life and unconsciously I had kept on wishing that one day he would realize his mistake and in the past when that did not happen, the bitterness had set in. We both decided not to commit the same blunders in our life and first believe and have confidence completely in our relationship. Not giving anyone an upper hand to take decisions on our behalf or for our child.

Having good faith in each other today, we are a happy family, being good parents and life partners with only love for each other. My daughter and my husband are my world today. Miracles do happen – God is Great!