Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Before the conclave, themes identified were: creating a more consistently available IofC team for the future, a musical NE revue, listening to the inner voice, what we can do about things in the NE not going right, potential collaborations and fellowship,. Also preparedness to face storms, the support and the team needed.

Every morning, the collective hour long inner listening time was a space where we could listen within and then to one another, to understand what was topmost in minds and what new ideas were birthing. Issues in the North East came up that affect everyone - how youth are in deeper crisis now with the NE becoming a melting pot of traditional and modern cultures.  Also the 33% reservation for women, a divisively contested flarepoint in Nagaland. The need for connection and community with responsibility and contentment, and trying to find what my role in the world is, also featured.

The fellowship continued over the 3 days through the collective inner listening times, cooking meals together, one to one conversations and singing songs. The group visited the local church for a community feast invited by Avituo (ex-Asia Plateau intern), part of a local youth group in Sechu-Zubza.

Post lunch groups on these four worked on detailed work plans answering the 5 W’s and H: What, Why, When, Where, Who (Target group and Team and Collaborators) and How (Strategy).

One to one conversations during the conclave in some ways were the starting point of inter-tribal understanding and working together, leading to 2 youth from different tribes deciding to join the outreach to Kiphrie with the IfL team.

One concrete action that has been implemented is putting together and uploading under ‘ A New NE Tribe’ a video of snippets from NE friends sharing on “Why and how I learned to think and care for tribes other than my own?” and friends from the rest of the world sharing, “What can the world learn from the NE India?”

  (See https://www.facebook.com/Our-North-East-Sky-1324495937643601/       https://youtu.be/8b0L5V-s3TE   and   https://youtu.be/jCKa0ws-4bA  To become part of this new NE India tribe, upload your own 15 second video here or write on the fb page your convictions very briefly.)


Future initiatives decided for the NE:

Firstly, from October onwards, a travelling team going around the NE to listen to concerns and needs and creating friendships, and doing IofC outreach. Niketu, Dr Sunil, Rock, Sunny, Penuo and Avituo are on for this.

Secondly, working with schools and colleges, also preparing facilitators in partnership with institutions who will sustain the IofC work.

Thirdly, creating safe community spaces through food, farming, festivals, sports, arts, music.

Finally, creating a musical revue, and multimedia messages on the web from friends from NE and outside.

Concluding personal resolutions:

  • Niketu Iralu: Though this is called the ‘House of Listening’ I want to implement that more in all gatherings here. If we really listen to the guidance of the inner voice, I absolutely believe that the next steps will be shown.
  • Christine Iralu: Would like to help any initiative especially Manipur and Rock. This place is available at any point of time. Taking the first step I will just go to the primary school here that I want to help and see what happens.
  • Penuo: Learn to live going with the flow. Things that I have committed to, I will give myself to 100% and commissioning myself to do what needs to be done, come what may.
  • Avituo: Grateful to everyone for the encouragement as I want to do something for the environment but I had felt stuck till now. I take on to work with Penuo in our initiative of strengthening the Sechu Zubza community.
  • Mordecai: Commit that I will respect all the women that I come across.
  • Sunny: I felt disturbed at the many issues on the table wondering who will do it with me. But Uncle Niketu’s sharing, “Do what is right, whether there is applause or not, no matter what the difficulty, continue the work.” gives me encouragement.
  • Riathung: Listening to understand others and not listening to judge. I wanted to be part of this conclave to recharge myself.
  • Rock Lungleng: I have decided to really listen more in my life.
  • Dr Sunil Kaul: I go back recharged seeing young people going on the right path, taking things on. Have tried earlier, but at every session at ANT, I need to put inner listening time into action with our team. Also I want to see how to connect with the retired people and see them as a resource for what still needs to be done.
  • Jenny Liang: I want to give more time for my colleagues and build a stronger relationship by listening to them. Work on inner leadership.

People at the Conclave:

1)   Sunny, Meghalaya;      2)   Niketu Iralu, Nagaland.    3)  Christine Iralu, Sechu Zubza

4)   Avituo, Nagaland         5)   Riathung, Nagaland           6)  Rock Lungleng, Manipur

7)   Penuo, Nagaland          8)   Zaselato, Nagaland            9)  Mordecai, Nagaland:

10) Visieno, Nagaland      11)  Kevi, Nagaland                  12) Ningusalie, Nagaland

13) Lipichem, Nagaland   14)  Avikolie, Nagaland            15) Kris Tungoe, Kohima

16) Dr Sunil Kaul, Assam 17)  Jenny Liang, Assam


1)  Stephania Menezes, Pune   2) Anup Pawar, Pune     3) Zooni Dash, Orissa

4)  Leslie Nazareth, Mumbai    5)  Mayuree, Mumbai    6) Suresh, Fiji Islands

7)  Wangyal, Tibet                   8)  Shashika, Sri Lanka    9) Wimarshana, Sri Lanka