Among many crises engulfing India and similarly placed countries of Asia, Africa and the Pacific region, the one that is most palpable is the crisis of governance. It affects the life and working environment of millions who consider themselves free citizens of welfare states. In the last half-century, we have witnessed a growing restlessness with the systems and instruments of governance. Available evidence suggests a continuous decline in the quality of governance in most developing countries and a perception of the State being alien to people has gained ground. The IC Centre for Governance serves the needs of society in all areas related to governance. It works to strengthen governance capacity in the government, non-profit and public sector organizations with an extensive programme of research into governance practices.

The Centre's work follows from the belief that accountability lies at the heart of governance. It has its focus on the nature and effectiveness of accountability between the citizens, the legislature and the executive. Special training programmes are also conducted for officers belonging to Indian Administrative Service (IAS) reinforcing the commitment to the highest ethical values in conducting their day-to-day work. The participants ranging from the level of a district collector to a full secretary in the government are sponsored by the department of personnel and training of the government of India. This residential training programmes conducted at Asia Plateau over the period of five days has been found to be very effective in rekindling the spirit of idealism amongst the top-ranking government officers whose work affects the lives of millions of people in their area of operation. Related to the aspect of governance is also an international conference organized in collaboration with Caux Initiatives for Business, which strive to provide a people-centred leadership to industry and commerce. Suresh Vazirani, Chairman and Managing Director, Transasia Biomedicals Ltd., Mumbai, says: “As an industrialist I believe it is our responsibility to fill every empty hand with work, every empty stomach with food and every empty heart with an idea that really satisfies. I would like to see this happen in India in my lifetime.” IC Centre for Governance operates from it office in New Delhi and for further information kindly see their website.