Why and how did it start?

We believe the world today needs, and wants IofC at its life-changing best.

We believe we need to go back to the classical method from which most of the past great growth and stories of IofC came. And that was through people making themselves unconditionally available in different teams and going out into countries, moving from place to place or settling down to do sustained work in everyday situations building up locals teams, often in countries other than their own.

That not only expanded the work globally but the teams that worked together stayed together for life - as friends and teammates, especially from the traveling groups like, to name a few, The Vanishing Island, Space Is So Startling and Song of Asia. The individuals of these teams to this day provide the underpinning for IofC for decades since. IofC now needs the next growth of its work - and its teams. And we are convinced we need to return to what worked wondrously in the past. We are repeatedly finding it still works today - in India and Asia for sure.

India is one place most open to IofC - the institutions of government, education and industry, the rural sector as well as communities in border areas seeking their distinct place in the world.

Through the October 2015, IfL outreach throughout Sri Lanka, we also found that it is possible to have a locally financially-sustained IofC outreach and saw that possible for long term work too.

IfL had decided not to resort to getting funds from bodies outside Sri Lanka.

Individuals in IfL put in good amounts from their own pockets. This triggered other locals giving virtually all the Rs 1.3 million needed - in cash and kind.

The old style ‘gamble’ paid off wondrously – i.e. the faith that if IofC does what a country perceives is needed, that society will fund it also.

There often comes a moment in the form of a heavy knocking on the inner door. Frank Buchman answered that door often and spread this movement the world over. IfL was born through the answering of such a knock inside. And we now have IfL – a dozen or so young people who are available to reach out anywhere to spread IofC for life.