Friday, November 2, 2018

Breaking Barriers and Building Trust
International Dialogue for a Humane World
Asia Plateau, Panchgani, India
Saturday 26 to Wednesday 30 January 2019


Trust deficit has become common in the modern world!

Yet there may be a task for each one of us when...

  • leaders voted into power disappoint, encouraging prejudices and divisions instead of giving ethical and inclusive direction
  • corporates and businesses, supposed to provide for the needs of societies, fail the challenge, often succumb to corruption and greed
  • educationists, entrusted with widening horizons and instilling values, abandon their responsibilities
  • confidence in those charged with protecting lives is shaken, and those in the system to deliver justice are themselves suspect
  • convenience rather than conscience is heeded, and selfishness pervades so many areas of life.

The dialogue will be a chance to recapture faith and return to a world of trust and compassion. Barriers can be broken; trust and goodwill can be rebuilt, brick by brick.

Initiatives of Change/MRA offers everyone an opportunity to discover a way of life rooted in universal and eternal values, which enable us to become trust-builders to strengthen integrity in the people, restoring confidence in institutions on which societies depend.

Hope is on the horizon when...
A genuine apology has mended a broken relationship; corruption has been acknowledged and reparation made; honesty has led to unity in the family; incorruptible leaders and officials working at grassroots level are making a real difference in society.

The secret has been simple: ‘Listening’ to ‘Silence’, to the voice within, to seek and heed the deep wisdom buried, but often ignored, within all humans.

You are warmly invited to join the conversation, share your own experiences and explore together ways to build a humane society of peace and trust by accelerating the change to bring social and economic justice for all.

Asia Plateau, the centre for Initiatives of Change at Panchgani, is situated in the Western Ghats and is 240 km from Mumbai and 100 km from Pune.

All contributions to cover the cost of the event will be gratefully accepted. USD 40.00 (INR 2,800/-) per day per person would help cover the cost. Support is available for Full-time IofC volunteers, students etc.

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