Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 5, Tuesday 16 February

Harvesting the dialogue and closing session

After a reflection in the outdoors with nature, introduced by Prof. Mohammad Khalil, the final morning was used to ‘harvest the dialogue’. In self-organized working groups on the topics they were most concerned about, the participants worked on the next steps after the Dialogue. Among the topics chosen were:

  • Service: How to make civil servants and politicians serve the people (Convener Taras Mykalniuk, Ukraine)
  • Continuing the Dialogue on Just Governance on the specific theme of food security and agricultural development (Conveners Phil Jeffreys, Australia and Claude Bourdin, France)
  • Give a ‘voice to the voiceless’ - refugees and marginalized (Convener Rob Wood, Australia)
  • Visible, symbolic or dramatic actions to enhance the process of reconciliation and healing in South Sudan (Convener Hon. Abdon Agaw, South Sudan)
  • How to deal with extremism -- (Convener Miftahul Huda, Indonesia)
  • Threats to ecology and environment: towards a Common Green Cause (Convener Jorulf Brøvig Silde, Norway)

Each group then reported on some of the immediate actions they were going to take. Most of them created an email group to follow each others progress and feed in further thoughts.

The communication team’s video of compiled photographs then took the participants back on a brief journey of the five-day experience. To conclude these days together all were given the chance to share their discoveries, new decisions and learning from the Dialogue.

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