Tuesday, May 10, 2016
'Lead for Change' program held in May 2016
'Lead for Change' program held in May 2016
'Lead for Change' - May 2016

After its commencement earlier this year in January, another Lead for Change Youth Workshop was held at Asia Plateau from 1st to 5th May. This time spread over 5 calendar days, the workshop saw tremendous output in terms of personal decisions of change, collective steps to bring positive change and overwhelming flow of emotions and bonding that took place among participants. The concluding session was self evident of the kind of impact created in this time. Three of our friends from IofC Indonesia had joined too. It was a special experience and important learning for them, they shared. About 15 participants were from rural background and could speak only Marathi. Special attention was given to them with translation and encouraging them to express. By the end of the workshop, they opened up and shared some deepest thoughts and also expressed that this workshop has given them courage to follow their inner self and confidence to stand up and speak for themselves. Many said that the idea of listening to inner voice in time of silence was the biggest learning they had from this time, apart from the power of gratitude and forgiveness to mend relationships and move on. Almost everyone wrote letters to mend / enrich relationships with various people in their lives.


A participant called her cousin with whom she had not spoken for months and resolved. A pledge to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic was taken by all. Decision to conduct weekly Multi Faith Prayer meeting in Pune was taken and the first Multi faith prayer meeting is scheduled on Sunday, 15th May 2016 at Japanese garden in Pune. Many shared that this was one of its kind, life changing experience for them. A brother-sister duo had come and the brother, just before leaving, came up to me and broke in tears and expressed his gratitude for he said he has not seen his sister so happy and smiling in years. Another young man who has been suffering from depression and is on medication for long, stood up in concluding session and said - 'I smiled again' as his major take away from this time. Quite a few shared that they will be more expressive of their love and gratitude towards their parents. Many shared that the workshop has given them a sense of purpose and meaning in life. They are all now connected over social media. Some of the euphoria will fizzle out for sure but one can clearly see some bright sparks which will go a long way in bringing about change for better and some even contributing to the work of IofC in future.


Asia Plateau and Initiatives of Change are a gift to the mankind. Giving hope to the hopeless, love to the broken, healing to the hurt, courage to the leaders, strength to the weak, creating positive impact on whoever comes about. Inspiring individuals to be the change and become change-makers to make their lives, surroundings, nation and the world a better place for all.