Let’s make a difference [LMAD] is a national youth conference [YC] running successfully for the last 23 years at Asia Plateau [AP], Panchgani. Asia Plateau is the centre for Initiative of Change [IofC] in India. Round the year the centre hosts National and International conferences based on ethics and moral values.  www.in.iofc.org

LMAD is a gathering for serious learning and young people from all walks of life from diverse backgrounds such as poor, rich, all religions, caste and creed, rural and urban and equal number of women and man participate every year at the same time from 1-8 June. On an average around 200 participants’ gather for this serious learning but all that happens at YC is with love, care, humility with folded hands.

What happens during those eight days at the LMAD conference is the question being asked by many; one it is difficult to explain the journey undertaken during those eight days because the journey is very personal and each present individual has their own take away. To get a bit of glimpse inside the LMAD is to read the in depth experience of the past participants after attending the youth conference http://www.lmad.in/stories-of-change.php

LMAD with its experience of last 23 years has understood the needs of a young person and what their desires and aspirations are. Entire conference is tailor made and though it is large diverse gathering still every individuals need is addressed like a tailor made approach and solution. Holistically every aspect of a young adult is looked into; like career, habits, family, relationship within family and peer groups, focus and concentration and also creating a positive peer group which stands by each other during adversaries.

For many of them there in stagnation in life and how to overcome this major hurdle? We as an organising team are confident that after attending the youth conference there is rejuvenation within oneself and they become a self starter which was not visible earlier, and I write this with experience because I have seen the transformation of young people over last two decades.

Major part of the youth conference time specially in the morning is devoted to listening and this listening is not to the speaker but listening to oneself from within. A systemic inward journey is designed and every day one is able to take a step ahead towards career, family and life purpose. An environment of trust is built that enables personal sharing which simplifies the process of realisation.

During the YC highest standards of discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, hygiene, community living and humility reflects. In our own way we teach this as an alternative way of living.

Every experience that one encounters during these eight days is a first time experience. YC also offers group discussions, meaningful drama or movie with message, full filled formal evening, trek and a picnic and visiting speakers.

Some of the prominent speakers who have left behind a reverberating message to be lived within our minds and hearts.

"The LMAD Youth Conference has been graced by the presence of distinguished individuals, change makers and visionaries who have spoken at the conference by sharing their vision and ideas of change with the participants.

Some of the speakers of our Youth Conferences include Late Honourable Former President of India Shri Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Shri Jayaprakash Narayan of the Lok Satta Party; Former Cabinet Secretary Shri Prabhat Kumar and Late Parliamentarian Shri Madhu Dhandavate; Magsaysay Recipients - Super Cop Smt Kiran Bedi and Anshu Gupta - founder of Goonj; Actors Atul Kulkarni, Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajat Kapur; noted journalist P Sainath; Tribal Activist Smt Mittal Patel and Padma Shri, Shri Jadhav Payang an environmentalist.

Their words have left behind a deep impact on the conference giving an enormous lifelong boost to our commitment to the work that we are doing and given us vision worth living for and made us more conscious to think about the development of India at an individual level and at a societal level."

The entire LMAD experience is felt deeply within and at the end of the conference one can connect internal dots and that is why it is a holistic experience of learning.

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