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New World Film - IofC India Theatre Production

This was initially produced as a short play when COVID-19 was on the rise in India. It was produced by a group of 15 from seven countries who came together for a 7-week programme called 'Initiating Change - from Within to Beyond' (March to April 2020) hosted by Initiatives of Change, India. (This video is the edited version of the 40-minute theater production)


DISCLAIMER: The intention of this play is to learn from the present situation and does not intend to hurt or blame anyone.

Director: Himanshu Raheja 
Acting Director: Jun Su Park 
Script writers: Himanshu Raheja, Sabin Rongpipi, Hashir Khan, Tohfatur Rabbi Piyal 
Costume Designers: Dechen Dolker, Maryam Eryan, Nay Myo Htun 
Creative Designer: Bilquees Fatima Choreographer: Namkha Stanzin 
Technical Support: Kishore Sinha, Nitesh Mahato, Damko Wangyal 
Prop Management: Annastasia Munene 
Digital Production: Nabin Pokhrel, Sharad Giri 
Post Production: Nabin Pokhrel


Asia Plateau Today
Asia Plateau Internship Programme


Symbiosis Programme


Program for Meghalaya Circle Development Co-ordinators.


Making Democracy Real Dialogue 2013