Monday, July 10, 2017

Coordinators of the Asia Plateau Internship/Volunteership programme

Role and profile description

Asia Plateau Internship/Volunteership Programme is an integral part of Asia Plateau (AP) and also Initiatives of Change (IofC). AP runs programmes throughout the year for people from various backgrounds, students, teachers, families, industries, army, government etc, mostly from India.

Life at AP is very dynamic and challenging. The coordinators of Asia Plateau Internship Programme (APIP) need to have had some experience of life at Asia Plateau, and awareness of its workings, programmes and people involved. The coordinators should be convinced of the values of IofC and living it.

Life at Asia Plateau

  • Full time volunteers, support staff and interns live at AP as a community/AP Family and play a crucial role in creating an open and conducive atmosphere for the participants and guests to absorb the IofC ideology.
  • Are sensitive to the local culture and requirements thereof.
  • Asia Plateau Community Guidelines help in deeper understanding of life at AP.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • SELECTION: Field the expressions of interest and applications coming in and correspond with the applicants , conduct the process of selection, selecting about 8-10 finally.
  • DIRECTING INTERNS/VOLUNTEERS TO AP: Once selected, advise and help with the visa application process, arrival and onward travel from Mumbai to Panchgani.  Send them practical information about weather, clothes, AP etc.
  • RUNNING THE PROGRAMME: Prepare weekly schedules in advance with the APIP team and e-mail them to the interns and the coordinating team. The schedule is based on the themes and their progression worked out for APIP and meshing in with the on-going AP programmes. Particular facilitators visiting AP can be requested to do sessions with the Interns. 
  • Will work closely in teamwork with the senior(-ish) person(s) based at AP who is over-all responsible for the APIP and will share some of the tasks with him/her:
  • Ensure that the daily Inner listening at 7am, the morning check-ins at 8:45am and the Tuesday evening Multi Faith prayer meetings at 6:30pm are taken care of.
  • The other details of previous schedule will be provided once the coordinators are selected.
  • OUTREACH: Organise outreach to Akola or other towns/cities and other local school visits and visits to staff homes in Dandeghar and Godavali.
  • CLOSING: Ensure that the Certificates to be given at the end are prepared.
  • GENERAL: Act as the liaison between the interns/volunteers and 1) the AP programme coordinator, 2) the Course Directors and 3) the Centre Administration (AP Director, General Manager and Dept heads).
  • Liaise with programme coordinator about service schedules, with Admin team about other Centre work, with Grampari team about helping there and interacting during their programmes, with Course directors about supporting the sessions with songs and any other input required from Interns/Volunteers.

Experience and skills

  • Have had a leadership role before & Good at English
  • Willingness to work within a multi cultural team
  • Open mind and heart to be able to handle stress and busy programme schedule
  • Able to sing/teach IofC songs and skits to share IofC Values
  • Helps to have a coordinator who is close in age to the interns/volunteers, someone they will be comfortable sharing with. Having two coordinators or even 3 sometimes is helpful and provides good teamwork.


  • 1st Term : 1 September till 15 February
  • 2nd Term : 1 February till 30 June

* The coordinators need to be responsible for the whole period of Internship/Volunteership


  • A monthly honorarium of Indian Rupees 10,000 would be paid
  • The coordinators from overseas would be reimbursed one round of economy air fare on serving a full internship period
  • It is mandatory for overseas coordinators to arrive with a medical insurance cover for their time in India. They must submit a copy of the insurance policy to the Asia Plateau office on arrival. The policy must clearly mention the name of the insurance company, the policy number, coverage period, coverage amount and the name of the policy holder.  


Please send your application to Director, Asia Plateau at

Any questions? Please email here.