Tuesday, May 12, 2020


IofC International is offering a series of virtual presentations by change-makers and trust-builders from across the world, who will share their stories of inspiration and provide guidance on how we can all build trust in times of crisis.



The role of spiritual community with Shakiyla Smith is the Director of Organizational Culture for Fetzer Institute, whose mission is to help build the spiritual foundation for a loving world. In her role, Shakiyla leads the effort to foster a spiritually grounded, diverse and growth-oriented culture within the organization – enabling both staff and partners to bring their best self forward in addressing the most pressing needs of society.




Leading through example with Suresh Vazirani, founder and Managing Director of TransAsia, India’s largest multinational medical diagnostics company, and the current President of IofC International, spoke on 16 May about the importance of trustbuilding as it relates to business leadership, as well how to maintain this trust through crisis situations. click here



Trust through belonging with Jessie Sutherland, Director and Founder of Intercultural Strategies, spoke on 30th April about building trust through a ‘belonging’ lens. Her presentation focused on cross-cultural communication and fostering unity.  click here



Keeping our humanity with Rajmohan Gandhi, reconciliation and democratic rights advocate, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, spoke on 16th April about the importance of maintaining our humanity during difficult situations. click here