Centre for Training in Ethical Leadership

Sudhir Gogate addresing participants of MCGM (Photo: Parag Shah) Centre for Training in Ethical Leadership (CENTREL) was established to highlight the importance of using ethics and values in business. To run business ethically an organization needs ethical leadership at all levels, from shop-floor worker to the Director on the Board. The objectives of CENTREL are:

  • To demonstrate that the Ethical Environment in an organization can only be improved with Ethical Leadership;
  • To demonstrate that ethical and value-based business can and is competitive;
  • To make employees of business organizations, at all levels, aware of the importance of conducting their affairs within the framework of business values and ethical practices;
  • To develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s Ethical Leaders.

Anu Aga, Chairperson, Thermax Group of Companies, Pune, speaking at a programme at Asia Plateau, said: “How can organizations reach out and take up social causes for the upliftment of the genuinely underprivileged? We need to create awareness and bring about a change of heart in our people. It is high time that management and workers bury their pettiness and concentrate on higher goals.”