Effective Living and Leadership for Industries

The purpose of this programme is to develop leadership through effective living at all levels, by encouraging every individual to find one’s unique contribution to the transformation needed in the world, starting with oneself.  This programme is mainly for people from industry/corporate background.

Heart of Effective Leadership for Industries 

Leadership starts with knowing oneself at a deeper level. The programme is designed for senior executives and managers in positions of responsibility in private and public enterprises. The diverse and experienced faculty draws from a variety of real life situations in the course of their careers. Discussions and interactions are facilitated by connecting participants to a space of profound creativity, peace, purity and love which lies within, which is the Heart of Effective Leadership. The connection of such a leadership to sustainable success in business and purposefulness in life becomes obvious as the programme progresses.

Initiatives of Change for Business (ICB)

Initiatives of Change for Business (ICB), formerly known as Caux Initiatives for Business (CIB), is a fellowship for businesspersons — a comradeship of like-minded individuals who are committed to furthering ethical practices in their work and convincing an increasing number of their business colleagues that ‘one can be ethical in one’s business dealings and still be competitive’. It already has National Chapters/Partners in India, Japan and Malaysia and is actively working on establishing Chapters in the UK, Kenya and South Africa.

The propagation of ICB’s philosophy is achieved through personal example, the sharing of experiences or offers of help to colleagues in need. ICB does not subscribe to issuing lists of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ or ‘Codes of Conduct’. It is a forum for its members to discuss the business environment, in its various aspects and help find solutions to the problems that they face or may face in maintaining high ethical standards in their dealings.

Through organizing various forums, such as CEO Conclaves; Round Tables; International Conferences; and City Chapter meetings; ICB provides opportunity to business persons for honest sharing of challenges and best practices adopted to overcome.

More information on Initiatives of Change for Business (ICB) is available on their site.

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