Donation for Disom

Disom is entirely funded by citizens who believe in the cause it serves. It will continue to be funded by THE PEOPLE in consonance with our guiding principles.

The support you bring to us can be direct donations, organisational grants or donations in kind. For the first two, click the DONATE TO DISOM button. For donations in kind, kindly contact us on

In keeping with governmental regulatory guidelines, we keep meticulous records of all donations and issue receipts for purposes of tax deduction against charitable contributions.

We do not accept funding that is bound to the promotion of any ideology or identified as promoting exploitation, human rights violation, terror or contraband.

We do not accept investments or speculative funds. It is imperative for the integrity of the movement and its citizen supporters that no individual or organisation ever has claim to its ownership.

In light of recent changes in Indian Laws regarding donations from Foreign or Non-Indian Citizens, we are awaiting further notification from the government. In case you are desirous of contributing please send us an email at and we will email you back when we are able to receive funds in the future.