The Programme

Duration: One year

Batch Size: 30 Candidates

Application Timeline: September 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

Programme starts on January 26, 2021.


Residential Learnings
  • Self-awareness.
  • Integration of the heart, body, mind and soul.
  • Harmonising of the Self with the Community and the Environment.
  • Drawing from indigenous wisdom based on principles of sustainability.
  • Appreciation of the abstract.
  • Interaction with leaders (the visiting faculty, our Gurus) of politics, economics, ecology, development, arts and culture, social experimentation, technological breakthroughs and transformational movements.
  • Communication skills that are impactful and unique.


In-Situ Immersions
  • Socio-economic understanding through living with close-knit communities.
  • Travel across the country to understand innovative and sustainable practices.
  • Projects with partner organisations for experiential learning.
  • Unique insights and experiences through internships with role models in politics, business, administration, social sectors and other aspects of public life.
  • Collaborative work with complex conflict situations to learn to move beyond failures.


Dream Mission

Each fellow articulates a Dream Mission, which is their primary manifesto — a critical problem or gap they will take on in their constituencies — as they build a movement and a mobilisation around it from the ground up. The approach to the mission is to be a channel for change rather than owner of a goal.

During the programme, they would focus on conceptualising the mission, designing it and preparing the ecosystem for the launch. When they return to their 'karmabhoomis' or constituencies, they would actualise this dream. This will prepare them for the next level of political leadership.


The programme is intense, peer-based and self-driven.

The engagement with the candidates continues well beyond the programme as they activate their Dream Mission.


Who Can Apply

All Resident Indians who believe they have the following:

  • Passion towards nation-building.
  • Compassion to serve.
  • Willingness to unlearn and learn.
  • Ability to listen, even to contrarian points of view.
  • Readiness to commit and take responsibility.


Age: 21 and above.

Educational Qualification: Anything

Language: Working knowledge of English and/or Hindi is desirable, but not an ultimate prerequisite.


Fees: None

Support: Financial aid will be offered on a case-to-case basis.