Disom — The Leadership School will nurture leaders

  • who draw inspiration from their inner voice and are guided by it, unflinchingly;
  • whose passion is to serve rather than accrue power;
  • who can build bridges across formidable ideological barriers;
  • who are humble, trustworthy and open to own up mistakes;
  • who can address the challenges of the planet in its entirety;
  • who believe in the power of an awakened citizenry.



In our consultations with people over a hundred geographies, we hear a recurring voice; India must reimagine its social, economic and political spaces to enrich justice, equality, empathy and oneness.

By 2047, Disom — The Leadership School aspires to facilitate One Thousand Dream Missions of high impact and integrity, steered by One Thousand Leaders, guided and strengthened by the alumni, facilitators and on-the-ground partners. The journey, that begins with the inner self and expands thereon, will be based on the core values of our mother institution, the Initiatives of Change, and the guiding principles of the Indian Constitution.