Education Today Society Tomorrow (ETST) 

Teachers are called ‘nation builders’. If that is true, what sort of nation/world have we built over the years? The most impressionable part of a person’s life is spent in school. This is the time one’s attitudes and values are shaped. That means, as teachers we have a great role in shaping a child’s personality.  As teachers, are we doing justice to our roles as ‘nation builders’ and ‘torch bearers of civilization’? This question is a major concern to educators. ETST workshops bring the spotlight to values education which will lead to the formation of an ethical society. To know more and to register click here.


International Conference for Educators on Collaborating for Compassion (Education Today Society Tomorrow) 

Compassion lies at the heart of all world traditions. The teaching of compassion and related skills (like empathy, kindness, gratitude and service) can assist students in becoming more aware of their own emotions and more sensitive to those of others. This increases positive energy and loving actions in the service of the wellbeing of all. The purpose of this Conference is to initiate a culture of Compassion and Collaboration in our schools and colleges so that we can together take positive action towards reclaiming Peace and Prosperity in our nation and the world. To know more and to register click here.