Grampari - Rural Development

Women from Grampari address the participants

Despite all the effects of globalization two-thirds of India still lives in its 500,000 villages. The fruits of growing economy have not been sufficiently percolating to the grassroots, giving rise to tragic consequences like farmes commiting suicide. This reality of contemporary India can lead, if not tackled in time, to great social unrest. Keeping in mind this situation Initiatives of Change organizes various programmes to focus on protection of environment, empowerment of women, tackling issues like debts and addiction, educating villagers about their rights and responsibilities and generaly helping to create a more egalitarian spirit. Grampari has been established to channelize efforts in this direction. In addition to this Initiatives of Change India has also played a part in organizing Farmers' Dialogues in association with its global partners. These dialogues inspired by Initiatives of Change have grown from several decades of farmer to farmer exchanges across the world. They are aimed at creating a common purpose based on shared values for the soil, environment, health, education and for meeting the needs of consumers – which of course includes the whole of mankind.

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