Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 10:00 to Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 13:30

Happy families constitute a healthy society. The family shapes people and builds character. Family is where are our first core attitudes to life are framed. When the family culture is wholesome, it supports the growth and expression of each of its members. When a family's relationships are unhealthy, its members tend to develop dysfunctional habits of behaviour. Society as a whole reflects the shape of its constituent families.

It is a common experience for change-makers to find that a positive and effective way of living sooner or later requires the transformation of seemingly fixed, frozen, locked and blocked family dynamics. The best place to learn this art is through our own family by starting with ourselves. For this reason, many participants of various other programs at Asia Plateau have returned with their families to explore this together.

What will happen at program?

Participants would be introduced to using periods of quiet time as a regular practice to tap into the natural but forgotten power to introspect, reflect, sense, receive and accept new guiding thoughts and directions from deep within oneself. They would learn to use tools for objective, truthful, self-assessment free from justifications, comparisons, relativism, self-criticism, guilt or blame.  All this would be supported by hearing personal stories from those who have begun to take initiatives in their own lives.

There will be processes for finding our own role in the positive and negative patterns that exist in our families.  This would help a participant to take some immediate steps towards creating more wholesome family practices and dynamics; in both the short as well as long term. The experience would show how our abilities within the family dynamic are what give us power to address needs and situations in the world around us.

This year is going to be special because we will have the benefit of a guest team comprising IofC friends from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. They have developed a deep and practical method of working with the family. It is a unique opportunity and it may even interest previous family program participants as well as local IofC teams to attend. The intention of the program is to offer substantial and practical training for the family in as refreshing, relaxing, varied and energising  a way as possible as one integrated community experience.


Asia Plateau with a majestic backdrop of the famed ‘Table Land’ of Panchgani is a 68-acre campus at an altitude of 4,300 feet. The place offers an ideal ambiance for pleasant walks, quiet reflection, honest conversations and creative planning. The Centre is equipped with modern training, lodging, dining and theatre facilities.


How to reach?

Panchgani is 100 KMs from Pune and 248 KMs from Mumbai in connected by excellent drivable roads. Luxury busses also ply from both the places.


Adults: 6325/- (Inclusive of 15% ST)

Children (under 12): 4025/- (Inclusive of 15% ST)

Please avoid bringing children under 5. We recommend that participants join this programme with atleast one family member as some of the activities will involve working within the family. Participants above 65 years should be accompanied by a younger family member.

Payment to be deposited to our account (kindly e-mail for details) or cheque to be drawn on “Friends of Moral Re-Armament, India”.

For any queries please feel free to contact:

Program Coordinator:

Phone No.: 02168-240241 / 2


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