Around 300 were present at Sacred Heart College in Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu to listen to us as we reminded the youth to re-arm themselves with moral values which have never failed to achieve the main goal: ‘To be the change you want to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi.

Perhaps, now I understood the importance of standing up and sharing stories of personal change. It is, more than for me, for them – the people! After the interactions, so many youngsters came up to me and expressed how the devil has been, and still is, playing his old tricks on them.

I was like them, with my mind occupied by lustful thoughts not allowing me to think about anyone other than myself. And still the devil returns from time to time, to deceive me. But being mindful by having an hour of 'Inner listening' everyday helps to not to be tricked again rather to give him a knockout blow each time and then be led by pure and creative thoughts for others and for the world. And if I am able to put across this message, I will win against the ‘devil’, every time!