IndiaICare Deposit Slip
What can I do to say "India, I Care!"?

You are probably already doing something to show that you care. Perhaps all of us can do more! What if there was a bank called the Character Bank of India? How big would your account in that bank be? How big would our collective account, as people of India, be? Are we depositing into the bank regularly? Or are we taking out of it? Do we look upon it as the most important bank, or not? Would such a bank be important for India?

What is the Character Bank of India?

The Character Bank of India is the national reserve of our moral character, the most important commodity we could possibly preserve. It is an account where people can make deposits to replenish our depleting storage of acts of courage, integrity and selflessness that our history was built upon!

What is a deposit?

A deposit represents any decision which puts aside the ‘me-first’ or ‘me-only’ mindset, and instead adopts a more caring or giving attitude, to help build India. It represents a pledge, which is binding for life! Each deposit matters!

What can I pledge to say “India, I Care!”?

  •  I will put right one wrong that I have committed
  • I will not give or take a bribe; thus I will become a part of the answer to corruption
  • I will always respect the dignity of every human being regardless of position or status
  • I will reach out and build friendship with someone of another caste, community or class
  • I will make efforts to conserve the natural environment ...and so decide!

Where do I start?

Join the campaign!!

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