India, I Care!

Why should India be 128th in the Human Development Index? It could be on top of the list! Why should only a few Indians see wealth, when there are enough resources for all Indians to live a comfortable life? Why should our streets be dirty, when they can easily be kept clean? Everyone has questions like these, and everyone has dreams of the way India could be better. “India, I Care!” is a chance for every Indian to help make India a truly developed nation - Where every Indian can live in dignity and be justifiably proud of being Indian. How can I possibly make a difference? Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead Each time you act, you change the world. When you start with yourself, the whole world will follow. As you discover your own potential, as you inspire others through your actions, together, we will be able to radically shift the way that we take on the future. Maybe today you pick up a piece of trash. Little Munna from next door sees you. That day, he eats an ice cream. Instead of throwing the wrapper on the floor, he puts it in the rubbish bin. His friends see this and they all place their wrappers in the bin. The storeowner is moved and puts up a sign saying, “Please place kachra in the bin!” Seeing this, a business owner thinks about the street in front of his own office. He decides to place two large rubbish bins outside and ensures that the municipality comes to collect the rubbish. Seeing this, the rest of the companies on that street take action too. This spreads to their homes, their communities and slowly to the rest of the citizens of the town. Your town becomes a model town! It starts small, but by taking a path less travelled, you show others that they can do the same. One small, thoughtful act can indeed change the world. Wondering what you can do?...