Friday, February 1, 2019

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Journey of Outreach - Celebrating Differences, Melting Divisions

After a month-long planning and orientation at Asia Plateau, the team embarked on this outreach adventure into the heartland of India.  Many had turned away from expectations, societal norms and pressures, to dedicate their being to a greater value that they believed could transform the world.  Traversing 33112 km, with people from 10 countries joining the team at various times over 9 months, the team shared the life-changing principles of IofC to communities and groups of people in far flung parts of India and her neighbours.

Stories from Outreach journey


Tibetan students were moved to take greater responsibility towards their country and community.

Dharamsala (Tibetan)

Young Tibetans resolved to rethink their perception of the Chinese


Social workers feel more empowered to make greater impact in society.


Several communities moved by IofC ideas - Islamic schools, Engineering colleges, Tibetan communities and Municipal government staff


Civil Service aspirants engage with a more community-focused leadership


The Tibetan and Lepcha student unions expressed wanting to work inclusively towards a better society.

West Bengal (Kalimpong, Darjeeling)

High Schoolers are deeply inspired to take greater responsibility in their family and beyond - a ray of hope for the future.


IofC local community starts to meet regularly for Quiet Time and community outreach.


Sharing hopes and possibilities for a better future for South Asia


Warring tribes shared the same platform, and initiated heart-felt dialogue


Growing community of committed IofC friends, rising beyond themselves


One team member’s conviction sows the seeds of hope in the country - first IofC visit to Nepal


Tribal communities seek to empower their people with the ideas of IofC


Working together and sharing inspiration with the thriving IofC local team