Personal Stories  of Change


Ms. Kalpana Dabral (Patil) - Part II

The Change Continues

There was something at my office needing correction. I had a colleague who was at the same level as me. Being in corporate office, he always would seek my advice on many issues and he had to follow the guidelines I gave. After some years he left and joined another company only to return later to my company as my reporting manager. This made me envious of him and created a kind of rivalry in my mind. Admitting this to him could put my job at risk and could have ruined my career. Read More >>

Ms. Kalpana Dabral (Patil) - Part I

(Writes after returning from a ‘Heart of Effective Leadership’ programme at Asia Plateau)

During the entire program and in every session there was a continuous churning happening within me. It’s not because I am an emotional person and became more emotional there.  No not at all! I was seeing life from a different angle which I had never seen before, in fact I felt quite strong after it. During the session and quiet time there I had already decided about the correction which I had to do after reaching home. Read More >>

Mr.Burjis Mohta & Mrs. Dilnaz Burjis Mohta

My association with IofC-MRA and the Asia Plateau family has been as of ‘on an off’ basis since several years now, as a result of circumstances. During one such long phase of being off touch, I had severe problems with my marital life viz., separation for a good five years from my spouse and daughter since the very early years of marriage and the resulting consequences leading to my marriage on the verge of legal dissolution. Read More >>

Dr.Ravi Prakash Dani (Vice-Chancellor Dr.Punjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeet, Akola)


Siddharth Singh (Corporate Trainer)


Tuan Ahn Nguyen, Vietnam (Amrketing Associat and HR Specialist, a Global IT Corporation)


G T Sangma


Dr Sanggai Leoma


Chengreng Marak


Ms Bazara


Deepak Mullick