Monday, July 23, 2018

Every day, we, the Grampari team, hear stories of change that are a result of inner listening. But  this story is unique: the entire village of Jarewadi has decided to have quiet time every Thursday in front of the temple.

No one from Grampari team attends these meetings. In the meetings, in addition to the sharing, the villagers come together to plan for the development of their village.

Here are some of the thoughts that were shared in the previous meeting, as told to us by young Shweta. All these apologies were made in front of other villagers.

Shweta: “I want to say sorry to my neighbor with whom I have had a fight. (The neighbor was present in the meeting.) I had begun to hate my village but now I see so much goodness.”

Anil Kalambe’s mother: “Four years ago, I said some hurtful things to my son and daughterinlaw. We were separated though we lived in the same house. Anil said sorry to me and now we are talking with each other, now it is my turn to turn to ask his forgiveness.”

Anil Kalambe’s wife responded by saying sorry to her husband’s sister with whom she had not spoken since the fight.

Surykant said sorry to his wife for ill-treating her.

Bhaiya, a young boy who attended the Residential programme for boys at Grampari, said sorry to his father for misbehaving with him.  His father said sorry to his son for ill-treating him.

A mother said she unnecessarily shouts at her children and that she wanted to change this behavior.