Ravindra Rao

Dr. A.S. Ravindra Rao met MRA in 1964 as a dental student in Bangalore, India. For ten years he took a break from his career and worked as full time volunteer for MRA in India and abroad.
During this time he spent three years in Jamshedpur when he came across left-wing militant young men who eventually got convinced that IofC (then MRA) was a more realistic and effective way to change society than their violent philosophy. They started working with IofC.
On returning to his profession, he was with a Dental Hospital in Sheffield, UK before moving to his home town, Bangalore to start his private dental practice, specialising in Dental Implants. After 30 years in practice, on seeing the growing needs at Asia Plateau and supporting his wife Jayashree's conviction to set up a centre for rural India, "Grampari" at Panchgani, he retired from practice and she from her business and moved to Asia Plateau.
Apart from administration of the centre, he is on the faculty for most of the centre's programmes and has special interest in developing and delivering the core message of IofC in a contemporary language, constantly adapting to the specific needs of the changing nature of of the diverse group of participants. Drawing on the Indian and other Asian traditions is his particular interest.
He is also a holding trustee of "Friends of Moral Re-Armament", India. The Government of Maharashtra has appointed him a member of the Board of Governors of the reputed 'YASHADA', the training centre for all state Govt. officers.
Recently, in 2013, their elder daughter Archana, resigned from an international executive position with Faber and Faber, London to join Grampari.