Monday, July 23, 2018

We were looking at this monstrous construction that had happened in the village of Vivar where we had enclosed all the gutters and giving the village a very clean look .This construction was the waste or grey water treatment plant from the govt. The villagers had no idea how it was going to work and Rs. 7 lakhs were spent on digging with JCB’s etc. We realized that we had failed in not thinking about what would happen to the waste water.

We wondered whether there could be another way.

Ashwin Paranjpe has designed a Reed bed waste water management system the Eco friendly way so we decided to try that.  We started talking to the villagers and we found that after a bit of convincing they were ready to work on this. The clinching factor was the grey water that was collected in a pit that was dug was being used by a family in the construction of their house which gave them an idea of how much water could be available even in the hottest months.

Grampari team visited this site regularly and worked with the villagers in the construction site. The sirpanch of this village also worked himself and all this encouraged others to work.

Once the villagers understood its workings they were not going to compromise on anything done with this system and went to collect the round stones they needed for effective filtration very hard work. The local plants Kardal and Aloo will now grow in this water and gravel and this will help the process of filtration. An Expense of Rs. 80,000/- gave this village a wonderful filtration system which will now provide water through the year for domestic use for a couple of homes. The place looks so attractive that the villagers then decided to build a structure around an old tree nearby they had and it is great to see people relaxing on it. A fully replicable model is ready.

Grey water Collection       Filtration with gravel and

                                              roots of aloo and Kardal

Giving full information to the villagers and including them in decision making,

Doing the work with Shramdaan

Not compromising on quality at any stage

The Grampari teams’ readiness to do hard work alongside the villagers.