Initiatives of Change in India

David Young has provided a framework of archive material for the development of Initiatives of Change from its early growth in India. It is a fascinating account of extraordinary initiatives taken by people, many of whom quite ordinary. They come from every background, the high and mighty as well as the humble and the simple. In this work everyone has a part.



Asia Plateau - Initiatives for a cleaner, calmer, fairer world

For the past four decades ordinary men and women of all classes, races and religions have experienced at Asia Plateau a change in attitude, motivation and behaviour causing ripples in their personal lives, families, workplaces, communities - and sometimes much beyond. This pictorial will give you more detailed insight into our activities. VCD is also available.




View from the Plateau by Bhanu Kale

View from the Plateau is a booklet, which explains the basic philosophy of Initiatives of Change from the perspective of four ‘I’: inspiration, introspection, initiative and interdependence. It contains personal examples and perspectives.







Songspeak book

Over the years Initiatives of Change has been spreading effectively its message through a large number of moving songs. They are in English, Hindi and Marathi. They evoke and make you sensitive to your surroundings and to the still small voice within. Book contains 86 songs, CD – 41 songs. For ordering any of the above, and also for a fuller list of available books and audio-visuals CDs, kindly contact us.