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Conversation with MP TOT
Conversation with MP TOT

Tribal Leadership Program


Initiatives of Change Kenya organized activities in Mombasa for their Trustbuilding project 8-9 November. Mombasa, one of the two cities where the project is focused, has been listed as a hotspot for radicalization of young people, as well as a breeding ground for terrorists. Since most of the terrorists are associated with radical and extremist Islam, there are rising trust issues between Christian and Muslims with the misconception that Muslims are terrorists.

Tribal Leadership programme

The 8-day Tribal Leadership programme 2022 began on the 8th of May and concluded on the 15th of May at Asia Plateau. 96 outstanding women and men across 19 states and 3 union territories of India from 46 tribes, converged for an experience that was a witness to the paradigmatic shifts in the days to come.

They got exposure to informed worldview through more than 20 speakers and leadership experts joined us at TLP 2022 and shared their journeys and interacted with the participants. Bonds and relationship-building activities through sessions like Jog with the Pot, Life’s Balance Sheet and India I Care explored the hidden traits of a leader. The ‘Meri Kahaani’ sessions brought to fore stories and perspectives from doers, fighters, peace builders and many more ready to evolve into leaders of tomorrow.