Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Workshops during the Towards a Humane World Conference allowed participants to go deeper into related topics

Trustbuilding. Talia Smith, Program Manager of the Trustbuilding Program, used her experience in trustbuilding to encourage the participants to consider how they might help to overcome mistrust in their families, workplaces or communities.

Citizen participation in democratic processes. Angela Starovoytova and Leonid Donos are among the authors of a Ukrainian handbook on participative processes. Angela is skilled in facilitation and mediation. Leonid leads the widespread Ukrainian movement for participatory budgeting.

Initiating change – from within to beyond. A team of young men and women from North East India discussed their approach to resolving the region’s conflicts, and the causes of these conflicts, through helping individuals change their own attitudes.

Accompaniment. IofC aims to support those who are working to implement new values in their communities and workplaces. IofC workers Nick Foster, Barbara Lawler and Ravindra Rao facilitated a workshop which explored the skills of mentorship.

Sustainable business. Gouri Gupta described the ethical principles on which her popular healthy snacks company Gouri’s Goodies is founded.

Water security and climate change. Journalist Rupa Chinnai and other experts described land degradation in the Eastern Himalayas and its role in provoking conflict. Aibanshngain Swer, Director of the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority, spoke by video on Meghalaya’s response.

Walls of connection. Under the leadership of Maria Sakarias from MasterPeace, participants created a mural expressing the role of dialogue and storytelling in peacemaking. Nurturing Consciousness. Dr. Scherto Gill, Executive Secretary at the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace, and Maureen Goodman, Programme Director at Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, discussed ‘Nurturing consciousness: the role of education in co-creating a humane world’