Title: Heart of Effective Leadership


Business is a key player in a profoundly changing world. Our future will depend on the core principles which guide business leaders everywhere.The programme aims at reconciling different values and developing a shared perspective for a just and fair society where each person is valued and treated with dignity and not as a tool for the fulfilling of our purposes. It also examines the transformations needed to enable living and working together for the common good, while preserving the environment and life on the planet.

The leadership Challenge:

Prevailing atmosphere of mistrust of everyone and everything has not spared business also. Add to it the rapidly changing technologies, ever changing needs and demands, ruthless competition, over stretched staff and increasing expectations from stake holders; you have a perfect recipe for stress! Leading profitable, responsible organizations is becoming increasingly difficult. Trying to balance the bottom-line and basic values many are experiencing a deep loss of meaning and positive emotional energy in their lives.

  • In such challenging times, how can a leader find a source of clarity, peace and creative power, which can guide through these times to personal and organizational success?
  • what principles and practices could serve as the Heart of Effective Leadership.

Sustainable success will go to organizations whose leaders, themselves rooted in values and drawing from their deep Inner Wisdom, can inspire their people to lead lives based on truth, care and respect for themselves, others (including customers) and the environment. Such an organization will be as asset to the society, preserves the planet and keeps its bottom-line healthy.

Purpose and Method:

Leadership starts with knowing oneself at a deeper level. The programme is designed for senior executives and managers in positions of responsibility in private and public enterprises. The diverse and experienced faculty draws from a variety of real life situations in the course of their careers. Discussions and interactions are facilitated by connecting participants to a space of profound creativity, peace, purity and love which lies within, which is the Heart of Effective Leadership. The connection of such a leadership to sustainable success in business and purposefulness in life becomes obvious as the programme progresses.

Core Values:

People are the source of all progress and development – material as well as spiritual. Initiatives of change (Iofc), earlier known as Moral RE – Armament (MRA) has long recognized the deep innate not viewed as a resource to be used, manipulated and exploited, like other resources, but as a source of Immense potential for creativity, energy, growth, change, innovation, wealth, joy and happiness.

We believe:

  • When individuals change, situations change.
  • Effective leaders are willing to change themselves first.
  • Honest introspection is a starting point of change.
  • People change when they are open, willing and fired with a vision.
  • We can all extend our areas of influence and concern beyond our own immediate surroundings.
  • Each one of us can make a difference to the world around.

What participants can expect to learn:

  • Working with integrity: How to enhance personal credibility, narrowing the gap between ideals and action; to base life on truth.
  • Inspiring Others: How to inspire others through personal examples and compassionate coaching.
  • Building Harmony and Oneness: How to manage conflicts through personal and interpersonal effectiveness; harmonies diverse views, cultures and talents in organizations and society.
  • Accessing the Power of Intuition: How to sharpen one’s intuitive power and creativity; to seek practical guidance from a profound source of knowing within.
  • Seeing and using the Connections: How to lead an organizational transformation using the above learning.

The Approach:

The programme is essentially participative. Case studies, songs, films, group discussions and activities make learning interesting. Participants experience the joy of working together on practical tasks, there will be ample opportunity to enjoy and commune with nature.


"I have personally attended this program along with my entire HR leadership team in June 2011 and found it of immense value. It has helped me transform myself and helped me build a winning team." - R.Ramesh Shankar, Head, HR, Siemens Group, India & South-East Asia

"It is not a classroom programme, rather an interactive, discussion-based one. It is practical and down to earth."

"All the faculty members were highly experienced, sharing their experiences instead of formal teaching."

"I acquired the knowledge that love and compassion can win over any obstacle, any problem."

"Earlier I used to behave (only) professionally with my colleagues; now I will behave empathically."

"A new dimension of leadership which is about caring, sharing and loving."

"It gave me new direction in life which will benefit me immensely and ultimately my organization."

"Dignity of labor being practiced by one and all. Lessons on humility and its benefits."

"This program has beautifully connected ethical leadership to the inner self. It has made us responsible for ethical practices."

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