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Stories that Inspire Change

When people change - nations change!

New Beginning of my life
Sabu Sharma (Nepal)

I found the key to my happiness during these 15 days. It was a life-changing journey which initiated me to restart my life with a positive attitude.


Building an Institution – an entrepreneur’s journey
Sept 26, 2020
By Manish Padharia

The story of an ethical business leader, the MD of ARaymonds (India), Manish Padharia. A journey, from Entrepreneur to Institution builder.

The Nepal-India relationship
By Keshab Dahal

I also kept hearing that after the British left India, the two countries signed a treaty of Peace and Friendship which is unequal. I was very unhappy with India as a teenager and used to write poems against India to rid myself of my anger.

The Churning within
Ms. Kalpana Dabral (Patil)

(Writes after returning from a ‘Heart of Effective Leadership’ programme at Asia Plateau)


During the entire program and in every session there was a continuous churning happening within me. It’s not because I am an emotional person and became more emotional there. No not at all!