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New Beginning of my life

My perspectives towards everything changed - the situations, problems, people, and myself during these 15 days of the “Pariwartan ke pehelkarta” program. I have always loved the idea of caring for others and loving them. I want to make it my priority. However, this year I struggled with myself, having difficulty loving myself and taking care of myself. I had forgotten about the happiness that was inside me and instead kept looking outside for my happiness.

The energies around me throughout the program were beyond my expectations. I went from overthinking to calming my mind and body to listening to my inner voice during Inner listening sessions. These played a significant role in bringing “Happy Sabu” back after a long time. Inner Listening has helped me balance my emotions and respond correctly.

I used to have a poor relationship and harsh feelings toward my mother. These were getting bitter and bitter each day, but during the inner listening time, I started thinking, “what if I start to think from her perspective?” It made me think about the sacrifices and compromises she made for my family and me so that we could get all the things we desired.

I realised that situations and problems automatically fall into place when we start to think from the other person's perspective and listen to our inner voice, which we can hear only when we give ourselves time from our chaotic life.

The relationship I always sought from others and the support I wanted from them was always within me, and I needed to think about how I wanted to spend my days or even each moment.

I found the key to my happiness during these 15 days. It was a life-changing journey which initiated me to restart my life with a positive attitude.


Sabu Sharma (Nepal)