Title: Effective Living and Leadership


  1. Effective leadership through effective living: Questions such as “what is effective living” and “how it can make one an effective leader” would be dealt with. Emphasis would be on listening to ‘inner guidance’ in day-to-day living.
  2. Human relations, conflict resolution and team building: Personal, real-life examples of conflict resolution in industry, relationship building and care for others would be shared for drawing inspiration.
  3. Family life: Experiences of improving family life and its positive impact on stress reduction and workplace productivity would be discussed.
  4. Changing the mindset: How an individual can influence bigger change in mindsets, based on personal change, would be illustrated through case studies.
  5. Beyond industry: Participants would be inspired to find their larger role for the creation of cleaner, calmer and a fairer world for all.

Type of programme: Residential training programme

Frequency and Timing: Every month, 4 days

Location: Mra Centre, Asia Plateau, Panchgani


‘MRA –Initiatives of Change’ has long believed that the individual is the source of all progress and development, material as well as spiritual. It means that, even in economic terms, the individual is viewed not as a resource to be used, manipulated and exploited like other resources but as a source of change, growth, wealth, innovation, satisfaction and happiness. The entire context and paradigm of business and enterprise are changing dramatically. Old safeties, certainties, theories, practices, assumptions, equations, relationships, roles and responsibilities are also consequently challenged. Globalization does not affect global corporations alone. Even the smallest sectors of all economies are coming under its impact. Changing economic realities and increasing competition are forcing stakeholders to review and redefine some of the basic elements of business and economy that were previously taken as given. Only trained and self-motivated individuals can meet the challenges of the dynamic and complex business environment. Each individual would need to look upon himself as a leader not just doing his own job but also contributing initiatives and new ideas from his experience.

Aims and Objectives:

The purpose of this programme is to develop leadership through effective living at all levels, by encouraging every individual to find one’s unique contribution to the transformation needed in the world, starting with oneself

  1. Facilitates introspection and self-renewal
  2. Encourages taking responsibility for relationships
  3. Empowers individuals to take inspired initiatives to make a difference

Process and approach:

The programme is essentially participative. Multi-language translation is provided as needed. Case studies, songs, films, group discussions and group work are the means of learning used. Participants experience the joy of working together on practical tasks. Abundant serenity in nature makes it a perfect setting.


“A visit to Asia Plateau re-affirms my faith that when change begins with self and when there is teamwork, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.” -Anu Aga, Chairperson, Thermax Ltd., Pune.

“There is always some difference in the people returning from programmes at Asia Plateau. The main difference is that they begin to listen to others. A good agreement is one in which both sides win. Here a man learns to break his chains and speak the truth about himself.” -The Chief Executive from a Pune Company

“What distinguished this programme from many others which I attended is that it touches your heart and redirects your inner motives. The change of direction you experience here will last for years to come.” -L. D. Giri, General Secretary, Triveni Engineering Workers’ Union, Allahabad.

“I learnt more about change management in three days here than I learnt in two years of my MBA in Australia.”-Ashish Palande, Director, Palande Courier, Pune.

Core Values

We believe:

  • that unless individuals change, situations cannot change;
  • that change begins with oneself;
  • that honest introspection is a starting point of change;
  • that people change when they are open, willing and fired with vision;
  • that we can all extend beyond our roles and concerns, beyond our own immediate surroundings;
  • that each one of us can make a difference. 

Unique aspects of this programme

  • Open to people from all levels and all functions in an organization. Spouses are especially welcome.
  • Provides a unique, informal, caring and inspiring environment in serene natural surroundings.
  • Action-provoking, not merely thought-provoking.
  • Inspires participants to find new perspectives and initiatives, which have helped transform difficult situations at work, at home and in the community.

Target audience:Industry workers.

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