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About Education Today, Society Tomorrow

Teachers are called ‘nation builders.’ If that is true, what sort of nation/world have we built over the years? The most impressionable part of a person’s life is spent in school. This is the time one’s attitudes and values are shaped. That means, as teachers, we have a significant role in shaping a child’s personality.  As teachers, are we doing justice to our roles as ‘nation builders’ and ‘torchbearers of civilization’? This question is a major concern to educators. ETST workshops bring the spotlight to values in education which will lead to the formation of an ethical society.

Several educators responded to the challenge and joined this life-changing journey. After 28 years, the learnings from the ETST workshops have been crystallized into five essential components: Self-Awareness, Ethical Governance, Compassionate Leadership, Respect for Diversity, and Empathetic Service to Society. These components provide a ready framework for schools to adopt the spirit and practice of the core principles of lofC.

A team of committed people who firmly believe in the power of education, who believe that the world can be changed for the better through our classrooms.


Upcoming Programmes


Theme: Reinventing schools, Rebuilding the world

Date: 5th - 8th November 2024

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity where you will have the chance to interact with all stakeholders of the school community. Our workshops encourage all educators to introspect on the purpose of their lives, role as leaders, the purpose of education and to share best practices.

Re-inventing schools, re-building the world.

A just, peaceful and sustainable world through meaningful education.

Mission Statement

To bring about positive changes in the way an individual thinks learns and interacts, leading to holistic improvement in the education scenario.




A training programme by Initiatives of Change since 1993.

It was started by Mr. Kiran Gandhi and Mr. Arun Wakhlu along with a few like minded friends. 

  • Relook at the aims of education and reflect on Teachers’ role in shaping the nation.
  • Acquire techniques and skills to come to personal decisions and commitment to implement them arising from inner listening.
  • Become initiative-takers for the change the system/organisation needs and become role models for others and the students.
  • Learn best practices in education from one another and grow as a network of changemaker schools / role-model schools.
Premise of ETST Workshops
  • Values are caught, not taught.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • The workshops provide an atmosphere in which the educators can reflect on their behaviors and actions and decide for themselves where they need to change.


  • Personal story sharing
  • Listening to nature
  • Listening to the inner voice
  • Experiential games
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Songs with a message
  • Celebrating talent
For More Details

Write to us. 

Contact Name: Fatima Rashid

Email Address: 


ETST Workshops focus on qualities, attitudes, and human skills required by teachers in their changing roles.

Programs are offered for 

  • School Management/ Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Students


Dattatreya Ware

| learned about conservation of resources from the lofC centre, Asia Plateau, and introduced solar-powered lighting in my school. At the ETST workshops, we meet educators from all over the country and pick up best practices from each other. | entered into a collaboration with The Orchid School, Pune, a private CBSE school, and we have had several student and teacher exchange programmes. 

Dattatreya Ware, National Award-winning Teacher 

ZP School Wablewadi 

M Kalmadi

The ‘India, I Care’ session at the ETST workshop impacted me greatly. Now I consciously work not only for the benefit of my own group of schools, but for the country and world at large. Through our programme, ‘Tuesdays for Tomorrow’, we collaborate with schools across Pune in meaningful education. Students from our school have also set up a connection with their counterparts in Karachi and in the process discovered how much we have in common.

Maltati Kalmadi

Trustee, Kaveri Group of Schools, Pune