Listed below are the various initiatives taken by IofC

Centre for Governance

Among many crises engulfing India and similarly placed countries of Asia, Africa and the Pacific region, the one that is most palpable is the crisis of governance. It affects the life and working environment of millions who consider themselves free citizens of welfare states. Continue Reading>>


Centre for Training in Ethical Leadership (CENTREL) was established to highlight the importance of using ethics and values in business. To run business ethically an organization needs ethical leadership at all levels, from shop-floor worker to the Director on the Board. Continue Reading>>

Caux Initiatives for Business

Why is Initiatives of Change involved with the business world through CIB?

However unfortunate it may be, the global financial crisis demonstrated again that “Fighting Corruption”, “Corporate Values” or “Corporate Social Responsibility” are often little more than corporate slogans. When push comes to shove, many companies do not stick to such commitments. Continue Reading>>

Rural Development

Despite all the effects of globalization two-thirds of India still lives in its 500,000 villages. The fruits of growing economy have not been sufficiently percolating to the grassroots, giving rise to tragic consequences like farmers committing suicide. This reality of contemporary India can lead, if not tackled in time, to great social unrest. Continue Reading>>

India I Care !

Why should India be 128th in the Human Development Index? It could be on top of the list!
Why should only a few Indians see wealth, when there are enough resources for all Indians to live a comfortable life?
Why should our streets be dirty, when they can easily be kept clean?
Everyone has questions like these, and everyone has dreams of the way India could be better.                 Continue Reading>>