Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Asia Plateau Reopens with District Officers Programme

Two of three batches of senior District Officers from Satara recently participated in a three-day programme at Asia Plateau. Thirty-seven officers participated in the 1st batch from 8th to 10th October and 34 in the 2nd batch from 22nd to 24th October 2021.


Officers ranging from Additional District Collectors & Deputy District Collectors to Block Development Officers of various Talukas and Chief Officers of Municipal Councils were part of this programme. The programme was titled Ethics in Public Governance – can Satara be the shining star of ethical and caring governance in Maharashtra?



Participants created their life’s balance sheet; introspected their practice of ethics; looked at developing meaningful relationships; ethics at work in rural development; conviction versus convenience and going beyond the self. The morning soul nurture walks, family group sharing, inner listening sessions, and multi-faith prayer meetings made the three days meaningful for the participants.


Many shared how the programme was an eye-opener for them. Several from the same taluka (or zone) decided to work together for various endeavours. One officer said that he had been to several training programmes in his career but never experienced anything like this. At the same time, another shared that the programme was a life-changing experience. The others echoed this in different ways.