Caring Families for a Caring World - A programme for the whole family



A family is the microcosm of a community, the smallest component of a society. Being part of one is very integral to our existence as a human being. It is a place which begins with respect for and appreciation of others no matter how old, how young, how capable they are or the choices they make. Family extends to individual’s choices of who they call family.

Today we live in a world where families have to face many tough scenarios with context to work-life balance, both parents working, children being influenced by media, physical & mental health issues, lack of quality time and more. 'Caring Families for a Caring World' programme will help you answer some of these questions together as a family and also refresh the essential bond that makes your family unique and united.

Couples, friends, relatives and children (above 6 years) will find the programme beneficial. Children under 6 years are not allowed.

The programme is for 4-days with families arriving before 12 noon on Day 1 and concluding by lunch on Day 4.


Specially designed interactive sessions and fun-filled activities to help you connect at a deeper level. 

  • Morning Nature Walks
  • Quiet Time & Sharing
  • Story Sharing Sessions
  • Strengthening Circle of Care
  • Nurturing Family Values
  • Modern-day Challenges & Solutions
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Trust & Trustworthiness
  • Spending Quality Family Time
  • Strong Families – Stable Democracy
  • And Many Outdoor Activities

5664 INR Per Adult 
2832 INR Per Child (6 to 16 yrs.)
*GST Included

For more details please
contact Mr. Sanjay Lele
Phone: 02168 240241 (10am-5pm)

No Program planned at this time. Stay tuned for future dates.
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