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Effective Living and Leadership

Effective Living and Leadership 

    The Genesis and Evolution

    Initiatives of Change have always believed that the individual is the foundation of all material and spiritual progress and development. It means that, even in economic terms, the individual is seen as a driver of change, growth, prosperity, creativity, fulfillment, and happiness, rather than a resource to be utilised, manipulated, and exploited like other resources.

    The landscape and paradigm of businesses and enterprises are radically altering. As a result, security, certainty, ideas, practises, assumptions, equations, relationships, roles, and duties are all challenged. We're witnessing a global impact across industries, which isn't limited to just multinational enterprises. It has an impact on even the tiniest areas of all economies. Changes in socio-economic reality and increased competition are prompting stakeholders to rethink and reinterpret some key business concepts.

    It is to meet these needs, that the Effective Living and Leadership programme was conceptualised in the (YEAR)

    The Objective

    Questions such as “what is effective living” and “how it can make one an effective leader” will be explored during the course of the programme. Emphasis would be on listening to ‘inner guidance’ in day-to-day living. Human relations, conflict resolution, and team-building: Through personal and real-life examples of conflict resolution in the industry, participants will work on personal and professional relationship building, and learn tools to adapt to the changing market needs while building empathy and care for the greater good of society. Key objectives of the programme include but are not limited to:

    1. Introspection and self-renewal
    2. Encourage taking responsibility for relationships
    3. Empower individuals to take inspired initiatives to make a difference
    Who can attend?

    The programme is designed for Supervisors, Team Leaders, Executives and New Entrants into an organisation.

    Trustbuilding using blindfold activity
    Programme Fees

    Rs. 15,000 + Rs. 2700 (GST 18%) = Total 17,700 per person for the four-day programme. 



    73877 75700 (9 am - 5 pm)