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Emergent Future: Rethinking our world together


28th January - 1st February 2023

Asia Plateau, Panchgani, India

"Emergent Future: Rethinking our world together" - is an invitation to hear from you, social and thought leaders,  as we try to make sense of our ever-increasing complex world. We hope to learn about our current urgent needs and together explore the collective unknown. It is a space for questions, introspection, grieving, dialogue, connection, and  inspiration – in order to seek what is emerging within, between, and around us. 

In our 5 days together we will engage with each other through panel discussions, keynote speakers, ample spaces for discourse, collective and personal reflection and envision directions for the future.

The gathering is at Asia Plateau, the education centre for Initiatives of Change India. Asia Plateau, for decades, has  been a refuge for spirituality, inner listening and transformation, an incubator for envisioning inspired, collective and inclusive actions for self, community and the world.

Programme Details:

Date: 28th Jan' to 1st Feb' 2023 

Cost (Inclusive of GST): INR 14,750/- 

This covers your accommodation and all meals.

Note: UPI/GPay and NEFT/Bank Transfer do not attract any convenience fee. All other payment methods will attract a Rs. 270/- convenience fee. 

Venue: Asia Plateau, Panchgani

About Asia Plateau & Panchgani:

Panchgani is located at an altitude of 1293 meters above sea level. This popular hill station is at a distance of 100 KMS from Pune and 280 KMS from Mumbai. You can reach Panchgani from either of these locations via public buses, private cars or cabs.

The Asia Plateau campus, just at the start of Panchgani town is a 68-acre campus. It is well-equipped with residential buildings, conference rooms, trees, gardens, forests and hills. The entire campus is strictly a no-smoking and no-alcohol zone. Violation of this guideline is taken seriously.

The weather is pleasant all year round, and light woollen clothes are recommended. We suggest you bring your walking shoes as well as rain gear along.

Click here for information on how to reach Asia Plateau.

Contact Details:




Why 'Emergent' in 'Emergent Future'?  

The team designing the programme are looking at the meaning of the word emergent in 3 ways:

  1. Emergent as an idea that is already inside us and finding space through reflection/introspection/inspiration in the 5 days to allow it to blossom.
  2. Emergent as a place where we might find ourselves, stuck, at the edge, at place with despair and to share in that grieving and mourning with others but also with building our hope that something will emerge.
  3. Emergent as a new idea that emerges in community and through dialogue that is far bigger than the sum of the people talking could ever hope to generate.