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Heart of Effective Leadership

The Genesis and Evolution

For years, the focus of businesses has been to build competence in their people for economic efficiency. The need for character and values in its leaders and executives for sustainable business has become increasingly obvious. The challenge is how we build character into people.

Heart of Effective Leadership (HEL) programmes, were developed in an attempt to meet this challenge and has drawn over 2000 senior executives from leading business houses of the country since 2005. Reputed business groups like Tata, Kirloskar, SKF, and Siemens as well as small and medium enterprises regularly depute their senior managers. It is also gaining popularity amongst public sector units with participation from organisations like BARC, KPTCL, NIRD, etc.

Experience with these programmes confirmed our conviction that each person has within himself/herself the knowledge, wisdom, and courage, which come to the fore on quiet reflection.

The programme is designed and conducted by facilitators from a variety of backgrounds, including business and industry, who have applied in their personal life and at work the highest values that they know and reaped gratifying results personally and for the organisation.  The generally interactive and reflective sessions are experiential rather than instructive. They inspire participants to adopt effective ethical leadership for good corporate governance and sustainability. A special feature of the programme is that it is based on the core principle that ‘good inner governance leads to effective external governance’.

The Objective

The programme is essentially participative. Story sharing, meaningful songs, films, group discussions, and outdoor activities make learning enjoyable. Participants also experience the joy of working together on practical tasks. Dedicated times with nature add unique value to the programme.



What participants can expect

The free and favourable atmosphere created by multiple factors provides an opportunity to explore:

  • The power of silence to tap into their inner resources for facing leadership challenges
  • The secret of building sound relationships for less stressful living and greater effectiveness at home and work
  • How to build teams in which the ordinary achieve the extraordinary


What organisations can expect

Organisations that have nominated, over a period, a sufficient number (a critical mass) of managers to the programme have reported gradual transformation towards:

  • Increased commitment to ethics and values 
  • Improved listening and employee care
  • Increased harmony among employees of all levels
  • Enhanced stakeholder trust in the organization
  • Increased awareness of the environment and care for its protection.
Who can attend?

The programme is designed for Senior Management, Group Heads and Region Heads 

Programme Fees

Rs. 25,000 + Rs. 4,500 (GST 18%) = Total 29,500/- per person for the four-day programme 



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Some of the companies that have participated

Logo of Forbes Marshall
Logo of Bosch
Logo of Transasia
Logo of ARaymond

“I have personally attended this programme along with my entire leadership team in 2011 and found it of immense value. It has helped me transform myself and helped me build a winning team.”  

–R. Ramesh Shankar, Head HR, Siemens Group, India & South East Asia.



“The concept, design and method of this programme are excellent. The facilitators have a wealth of experience to share.” 

–Basant Puli, Senior Manager, Transasia Bio-Medicals.